Starting your own roof garden

A rooftop garden is pretty and improves the air quality, one inhale. It gaggles less heat and thus does not contribute to the scaring global warming. If you have your own apartment or house then well and good, but then if you are cursed with a rented home then ask for the necessary permission from your landlord. There after craft a plan as to what type of and what sort of garden you can put on. Your decree on the trees, vegetables, fruits and flowers are a must. One you have surmised, it’s the best time, as its time to shop for plants and supplies.

Then you can do a pre position fixture by placing plastic sheets where you want plants to be placed. Then the clay pots or containers, filled with water and soil straddle placed. To enhance growth adjunct fertilizers is good. To beautify, pebbles can be cluttered all over. At last don’t forget to water regularly.